CCTV says Russian soldiers shoot dead two unarmed Ukrainian civilians before robbing a store

CCTV says Russian soldiers shoot dead two unarmed Ukrainian civilians before robbing a store

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12 May BBC The war in Ukraine said that Russian soldiers shot dead two Ukrainian civilians after they died. Surveillance cameras recorded the killings in vivid and terrifying detail. and the BBC received the video. The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office is now investigating the possibility of a war crime.

There have been many battles in the past around Kiev. Ukrainian capital and the main road into the capital is a battlefield including around the bike shop Leonid Pleats The deceased 65-year-old Ukrainian worked as a security guard. But this time there was no battle. The video clearly reveals that Heavily armed Russian soldiers shoot dead two Ukrainians, then loot a bike shop.

The BBC puts all the sequences together. By matching the events recorded on several CCTV around the area. with the testimony of the person Leonid called that day. Like a Ukrainian militiaman trying to save Leonid.

soldier talk

Russian soldiers begin talks with 2 Ukrainian civilians / CNN

Russian soldiers arrived and disembarked from the stolen van, which was marked with black paint. V (V) used by the Russian Army and write the word spacenaz tank (Tank Spetsnaz) wearing Russian military uniform and approached with his gun raised and his finger stamped on the trigger.

Russian soldiers start talking to Leonid and the bike shop owner. There is no audio in the video. But the Russian soldiers looked calm and smoked too. Then the two Ukrainians turned and walked back. and the Russian soldiers began to walk away. But suddenly the Russian soldiers turned around. abbreviate and splashed several shots at both of them from behind.

soldiers shoot down civilians

Russian soldiers turn around and shoot 2 Ukrainian civilians from behind/CNN

The bike shop owner died instantly. But Leonid staggered. and tried to remove the belt and tie it around the thigh to stop the bleeding and stumbled to his hut. and start calling for help

Vasil Podlevsky spoke to his friend Leonid twice on the phone that day. As Lenio sat drenched in blood, saying, The Russian soldiers claimed they didn’t kill civilians, then they shot themselves.

“I said you can bandage the wound yourself. And he told me, “Vasia, I can’t crawl. everything hurts so much I feel bad.” I told him to be patient. And I started calling the militiamen,” Vasil recalled the phone call.

russian soldier

Russian soldiers (top right corner) walk out of 2 Ukrainian civilians just killed. And leave both bodies in the shadows / CNN

Sasha and costia 2 militiamen who used to sell air conditioners before the war in Ukraine Video reveals Russian tanks sailing past their positions The couple’s task was to transmit real-time (real-time) information about Russia’s movements to the positions of Ukrainian soldiers on the streets.

When Leonid is injured Two militiamen are tasked with crossing the dangerous E40 highway in an effort to save Leonid. The road, even today, is filled with the remains of burning Russian tanks. which is a warning of the intensity of the battle

Soldiers rob a shop

CCTV reveals Russian soldiers hijacked businesses/CNN

while Leonid lay bleeding. Russian soldiers were still at the scene. from CCTV Russian soldiers fired into different rooms. of the bike shop Steal bikes and even scooters, then lounging around in the bike shop owner’s office, drinking whiskey and rummaging through lockers.

Sasha and Costia had more troops. but little armed So he had to wait for some time, even though he knew that Leonid was dying.

“We talked to him on the phone. Try to convince him to calm down. We tell him everything is going well. You’ll survive. We say we’re on our way. might help him, but unfortunately when we got there He’s dead.” Sasha revealed that they had tried their best to comfort him.

Even with the bodies of Leonid and his master captured, the two militiamen had to hide as Russian tanks passed by.

russian soldier

Russian soldiers didn’t know CCTV was recording/BBC

There is substantial evidence of Russian soldiers responsible for these killings. The BBC examines the video in detail and the Russian soldiers. that the BBC believes to be one of the assassins It was clearly visible from the appearance of his face.

The video was released by the BBC to the Kyiv region police chief. which revealed to the BBC that The bodies of 37 civilians were found, all shot dead. Along the road into the Ukrainian capital after the Russian troops withdrew

The Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office confirmed that It is currently investigating the killing of Leonid and his boss possibly a war crime, one of 10,000 registered cases.

Shooting kills Ukrainian civilians

Leonid Pleats, the deceased 65-year-old Ukrainian / BBC

“My father was not a soldier at all. be a pensioner What are they killing a 65-year-old for?” Yulia Androchuk Leonid’s daughter needs answers. She’s abroad now. And yet her father could not be buried due to the war.

“I am not angry as much as sorrow and fear. These bad Russians are out of control. I’m afraid they might do something next,” Yulia said.

Yulia expressed her hope that those responsible would be prosecuted someday and somehow. For now, she wants people to know what really happened to her father. and to put an end to the cruelty

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