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Cela warns that resorting to judicial implementation of the ‘parental pin’ in schools in Murcia




Isabel Cela, upon arrival in Moncloa last Tuesday for the first Council of Ministers of the new Government of Pedro Snchez.

The Minister of Education and FP, Isabel Cela, has warned this Thursday that she intends to resort by judicial process any implantation in the schools ofMurciaof the so-calledparental pin, which intends that the parents of the students “have to authorize in advance and express the assistance of their children” to the activities held in the schools, especially those that have to do with gender and LGTBI diversity.

The Ministry maintains that thispinIt is “contrary” to theEducation Law, to the own autonomous norms of Murcia and to theLaw against Gender Violence.

The implantation ofparental pinIt is one of the requirements of Vox to support the autonomous budgets of theMurcia region. This Thursday there is a meeting between officials of the PP, Citizens and Vox to try to close the negotiation and, as stated by the Minister of Presidency and Finance,Javier Celdrn, this agreement includes the controversial measure.Marta Martn, responsible for Citizens’ Education, explains that the agreement is not yet closed and that his party is opposed to parents being able to decide if their children leave the classes of certain complementary activities dependent on curricular subjects based on their contents, because “It is illegal”.

In Madrid onparental pinIt is also a budget negotiation tool. the vice presidentIgnacio Aguado, of Cs, he has also rejected it because “in schools there has to be a regulated education that cannot be arbitrary for families.”

But what happens in Murcia, as Education has warned, is that the instructions for the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year “already include the obligation to all educational centers to impose this prior censorship for all the activities of the centers.”

TheArticle 15.2.of a resolution passed on August 29, 2019 by theMinister of Education and CultureIt indicates that of the complementary activities that are part of the curricular proposal that will be taught by people outside the center’s teaching staff “the families will be informed, in addition to the route or that the center uses to make the centers known. institutional, through a detailed relationship that the tutors of the different groups of students will provide to fathers and mothers at the beginning of the school year so that they can express their conformity or disagreement with the participation of their minor children in these activities. “

The Ministry of Cela maintains that “the students have the obligation to attend the complementary activities programmed by the educational centers, which are also evaluable”. If the parents veto them, he adds, “it will be a ‘covert conscientious objection’ that could be applied to curricular content and that goes against Spanish legislation.”

This veto, he notes, “collides with the fundamental constitutional right to education”, in addition to “contravening” various international treaties ratified bySpain, as theConvention on the Rights of the Childand theUniversal Declaration of Human Rightsas well as theEC Memorandum against Racism and Intolerance, the educational law, the legislation on violence and the specific norm in LGTBI matters.

The educational law, he recalls, “prescribes that it is the teachers, within the framework of the pedagogical autonomy of the educational centers, who have the competence to design the complementary activities they deem appropriate and thus comply with what is established in the corresponding curricula.”

The Constitutional Court itself has indicated in several sentences that the right to conscientious objection only exists in cases expressly contemplated by theConstitutionand by the laws.

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