Celine Dion: “Stop saying it’s mental illness”, says Josélito Michaud

Host Josélito Michaud had been aware of Celine Dion’s health issues for a while, and what he found most difficult was hearing the gossip about the diva’s mental health Quebec.

The one who was both host and agent for Isabelle Boulay knows “showbusiness” very well. He knows to what extent offering a show to an audience is a complex and difficult task. Despite everything, this “machine” that is Celine Dion did it brilliantly for almost half a century, he told QUB radio.

“She is a champion who has been programmed for 40 years and more to perform who has just gone wrong,” he said, at the microphone of Sophie Durocher.

And it is this character trait that could make the situation even more difficult to accept according to him. How will the singer react to this diagnosis? In addition, Mr. Michaud rightly recalled that this is another major bereavement that Ms. Dion must go through.

According to Sophie Durocher, Celine Dion was very close to these fans, information confirmed by Josélito Michaud. Remaining on a human scale despite her journey among the stars, the diva has won the hearts of Quebecers and the rest of the world.

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