Cencosud denounces massive fraud in Jumbo.cl through bank cards | Economy

Cencosud reported in the legal action that “a total of 1,257 entries of fraudulent information were recorded in Jumbo’s computer systems.”

During the day on Tuesday, a criminal complaint was filed under the crime of computer fraud, filed by the company Cencosud, a multinational consortium controlled by the the Paulmann family.

The above, specifically with more than 1,200 malicious operations associated with your remote channel Jumbo.cl for an amount greater than $100 million, as detailed The second.

The legal action was carried out in the 4th Guarantee Court of Santiago, after detecting irregularities between February and August of this year.

In the complaint, Cencosud reported that “A total of 1,257 entries of fraudulent information were recorded in Jumbo’s computer systems.”

The foregoing, “incorporating RUT numbers, emails, telephone numbers, addresses, names, credit or debit card data, false or mendacious data”, detailed the company.

All of this, being elements that lead to the error of believing that they are people who actually correspond to the data that is delivered.

“When in reality it is about other people who have apparently supplanted their identity,” the company argued.

Cencosud fraud complaint

On the other hand, Cencosud added details of how these types of crimes operated.

“Once they place an order through Jumbo.cl, at the time of being contacted, and knowing that the operation will not be paid in full, they take advantage of the purchase method described above,” the company said.

He went on to say that “They order to add products up to the financial limit (80%) that the original purchase allows them to add.”

With this they achieve that the company has products that have an economic value and dispatches them to addresses that -fraudulently- have been delivered by the accused.

“In this way, the patrimonial damage is consumed, the amount of which reaches $105.3 million today,” Cencosud added in his complaint.

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