Central America and Cuba already see Mexico as “big brother”: AMLO

President Andrew Manuel López Obrador stated that after his tour for Central America y Cuba you are starting to see again Mexico As the “eldest brother” in the zone.

In the morning conference held in National Palace, López Obrador He pointed out that being the “big brother” in Central America and the Caribbean should be a source of pride for all Mexicans.

They are not going to like what I am going to say, but now that I went on the tour of Central American countries and Cuba, the people treated us wonderfully for being Mexicans, they are already seeing Mexico again as the older brother, “he declared.

“That is a source of pride for everyone, a source of pride for businessmen, for professionals, for everyone, to feel proud that they see Mexico with so much respect, with so much affection and it is not the Government of Mexico, it is the people of Mexico, because of our history of solidarity with other peoples”, he explained.

President López Obrador made it clear that the Government of the Fourth Transformation has not turned its back on South America, despite the fact that there were Federal Administrations that wanted to separate Mexico from the area.

We have never turned our backs on the South, never. At times they wanted to separate Mexico from Latin America and feel like we belong to North America (…) Governments are one thing and peoples are another thing, and our peoples have always been united with all of Latin America”, he stressed at the conference morning.

With information from López-Dóriga Digital

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