Central – an asteroid approaching Earth from a close distance

Within days, Earth is preparing for a close encounter with a huge asteroid larger than the famous “Empire State” building in New York City (consisting of 102 floors).

NASA is observing the space rock and revealed that it will “get close” to us from a space perspective.

Fortunately, the asteroid will remain, more than 3.5 million miles away, so there is no reason to panic.

Astronomers believe that the width of the asteroid ranges between 220 and 490 meters. As tall as possible, this would make it larger than the Empire State Building (a 102-storey skyscraper in New York City), London’s Shard (total height 310 m, 101 floors) and the Eiffel Tower in Paris (313.2 height). meter).

The space rock, officially known as 388,945 (2008 TZ3), is expected to approach its closest point to Earth on Sunday, May 15.

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