Central League Contract Renewals and Signings: Asano, Mizutani, and More

2023-11-08 12:03:16

Giants Asano renewed for 12.3 million yen, Taka and Mizutani were put on hold.

In November, contract renewal negotiations have begun in earnest among each team. Starting on the 8th, the Giants’ first draft pick, outfielder Shogo Asano, entered into negotiations and signed for 12.3 million yen, an increase of 300,000 yen. He is batting .250 with one home run and two RBIs in 24 games this season. “I’m glad he was moved up,” he said. (All amounts are estimates)

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Pitcher Ryusei Yamada, the 2nd pick in the 2021 draft, signed with an annual salary of 10 million yen, a reduction of 1 million yen. The left-hander, who did not pitch in the first team for the second consecutive year, said, “It’s been a very frustrating season.”

For Orix, who won the Pacific League for three consecutive years, catcher Sho Fukunaga will be paid 9.5 million yen, outfielder Ryu Sugisawa, who was drafted 4th, will be paid 9 million yen, and pitcher Kaede Yokoyama will be kept at his current salary of 7.5 million yen. Pitcher Yukito Mae signed for 6 million yen, an increase of 500,000 yen.

Four players signed autographs at Softbank. Infielder Ihine Itua, who was drafted first, will maintain his current salary of 8 million yen, catcher Riku Watanabe will receive a decrease of 200,000 yen to 8.3 million yen, catcher Takuta Makihara will maintain his current salary of 5.5 million yen, and outfielder Yoshiyasu Sasakawa will receive an increase of 200,000 yen. It was renewed for 6.4 million yen.

On the other hand, 22-year-old outfielder Shun Mizutani, who is in his fifth year of high school and has no first team experience, is on hold. He appeared in 83 games in the second team this season, posting a batting average of .259 and four home runs. A team spokesperson explained, “He has not signed the contract because he wants more time to think about the content and amount of the deal.”

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