CEO 2023: Justin Wong’s Epic Street Fighter 6 Battle and Weekend Triumph

2023-06-26 02:00:36

There was no shortage of great action in CEO 2023 this past weekend, and perhaps Street Fighter 6’s most intense block came just before the top eight. Play legendary multi-game champion Justin Wong on hard pro 00| Phenom is in the losing group to decide who advances to the finals ring, which completely turned around after a bad Super Art changed the course of the battle. Justin came out strong and controlled the pace of the matches for most of the set, resulting in more matches focused on patience and footwork than you’d probably expect from a Kami vs. Kane match. The longtime contender will take the opener in two rounds in a row and even close things out with punishing Level 3 Super blows to show he still has the reflexes. The Phenom was never out of place, but Justin appeared to be in charge and hit the spot as he looked to step up against one of the best players in Europe, even if things didn’t go as expected. Wong already got confirmation of the hit in the Drive Rush combo, which should have meant the end of the combo, except Justin cancels out at Tier 1 Super instead of Tier 3. This left Phenom alive with a burst of health but JWong is exhausted, and Ken’s player will With revenge with his own critical art followed by a Drive Rush motive to get his first role. Game two will end with only 6 seconds left on the clock with Phenom, fighting for his life in the tournament, and getting a perfect check to get a game on the board. Justin was fighting though and coming back to the point in game three with a nice commanding lead after using the Drive Reversal to come out of the corner and twitch for the final shot. Phenom immediately retaliates and moves up to level 3 to take the lead before returning to the spaced sweep completely. Spoilers for the upcoming set finale. Unfortunately, it looked as if Justin ran out of gas in the final round as Phenom was able to take control and get the perfect guy to take the win and move on. Wong will take to Twitter and give a fairly brief explanation of what happened. “Big finger on lmao button,” JWong wrote, so at least he didn’t seem to take the loss that hard. Big finger on the lmao button — Justin Wong (@JWonggg) June 25, 2023 Justin Wong is still going to have a great, fantastic weekend, considering he took first place in not only Breakers Revenge, not just Capcom vs. SNK 2 but also Street Fighter 3: third strike. This was in addition to running his own booth at the CEO of his own video recording YouTube channel as well as hitting the commentary desk, the legend hit a ton and finished 13th in SF6 out of 1000+ players. My #CEO2023 is over! I enjoyed running the content booth and can’t wait to show it to you all I enjoyed commenting on SF6 too I also win stuff ???? 3S???? CVS2???? Circuit breakers I clean with SF6! See you next time — Justin Wong (@JWonggg) June 25, 2023 Even after a stunning comeback, Venom would unfortunately fall in the next set against Nevo in a 2-1 fashion and end the weekend in ninth place. Now we’ll see if the top eight can give us an even more intense combo than that of one of Street Fighter 6’s first major coin-ops since its release earlier this month.

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