Černochová complains about the meeting of the defense committee. This was supposed to happen there

30.01.2024 21:43 | Monitoring

Minister of Defense Jana Černochová (ODS) briefly reported on the session of the Parliamentary Defense Committee on X. She also expressed her disapproval of the behavior of “some colleagues from ANO”. According to the minister, they brought a “destructive and demagogic strategy” to the committee. However, according to her words, the chairman of the committee, Lubomír Metnar, “behaved correctly today”.


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Description: Jana Černochová puts on her make-up in the government bench

Today, January 30, the Defense Committee met for the first time in the Chamber of Deputies, chaired by ANO deputy Lubomír Metnar from January 2022.

Minister of Defense Jana Černochová from the ODS also informed about the progress of the meeting on social networks. She did not like the behavior of “some colleagues from ANO”. According to the minister, they brought a “destructive and demagogic strategy” to the committee.

“Today was the first meeting of the Defense Committee of the Chamber of Deputies in the new year. House committees have always been, in contrast to the plenary, an arena for constructive and objective debate on important topics of the given area, in this case defense and the military. “Unfortunately, some colleagues from ANO have already completely transferred the destructive and demagogic opposition strategy from the plenary to the defense committee,” said Černochová.

These “colleagues from ANO” allegedly attacked Black colleagues from the Ministry of Defense on the committee and allegedly manipulated information.

“They attack my colleagues from the Ministry of Defense shamelessly and without evidence. They manipulate information similarly to their social media accounts. And they actually show that they don’t really care about the thing itself as a result, when they get up and leave without knowing the answers to their questions. You can always answer the same truthfully over and over, whether it’s about the F-35, BVP, engineering vehicles, but you will still read the same sentiments on the networks of colleagues from ANO,” Černochová wrote. And that such behavior does not really fulfill the control function of parliamentary bodies. “This is the decline of parliamentary democracy and opposition work presented by the ANO movement,” said Černochová.

One of the netizens asked under Černochová’s post whether at least Lubomír Metnar – as chairman of the committee – behaved professionally. Černochová assured the user that Metnar “behaved correctly today”.

“Is there any point in discussing anything with Metnar and Růžička at all?” asked another user. “According to what I read from them on social networks, it’s probably even unnecessary.”

Another of X’s users demanded the publication of the specific names of the “colleagues from ANO” that Černochová referred to in the post, given how “dangerous” their behavior is. “Mrs. Minister, please list their names so we know who are already ‘unelectable’ if they want to dismantle the system from within. Their behavior is very dangerous,” the user wrote. However, he remained unanswered until now.

According to another user, ANO MPs are only trying to mask the good results of the government coalition. “They are trying by all means to disguise that the coalition has much better results than they had in the last period,” she commented on the post.

“Dear Mrs. Jana, I admire you… for everything, and especially for this martyrdom that you must constantly undergo,” another expressed his admiration for Černochová. “Unfortunately, lies and stupidity are the main content of the current opposition, which undermines the work of the government. But because there are people like you in the government, it is certain that you will withstand it.”

Some other users of the social network thanked the Minister of Defense and wished for strong nerves.

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author: Lucie Kroutilová

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