“Certain measures for several months”, says an infectious disease specialist

Quebecers must continue in their efforts to stem the pandemic, believes a microbiologist and infectious disease specialist.

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As the deadline for the 28-day challenge approaches, Dr. Cécile Tremblay of the University of Montreal would prefer that certain measures be maintained.

“We must go in the direction of the greatest caution rather than in the direction of the greatest liberalization”, she explains in an interview with LCN.

She wants us to avoid finding ourselves in situations like we live in France where there are some 50,000 new cases of coronavirus per day.

“What Quebeckers do gives something. We have seen that this prevented cases from increasing and that is very important, it is what makes our health system hold up, ”she says.

Dr. Tremblay seemed disappointed with the approach of these owners of training rooms who plan to reopen despite the health crisis.

“This is not the right approach to have. We are living in a crisis and the solution to the crisis is a collective response. Everyone has to get their hands dirty and it’s unpleasant for everyone, ”she says.

“Not following government instructions is never a good example. It’s like saying to yourself that you are above others and that you don’t have to do the same thing, ”she adds.

As for having to prove that gyms are not hatching places, it’s almost impossible to do. “When community transmission gets to a certain level, you are no longer able to know,” she says.

Since the virus particularly likes the cool temperatures of fall and winter, she is asking people to get used to the idea. “We will have certain measures for several months, as long as the vaccines are not available,” says Dr. Tremblay.

She believes, however, that we can aspire to celebrate the holidays. However, it won’t be Christmas of yesteryear with the extended family, but chances are we can at least celebrate with our immediate family.


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