Chalet in Serra da Mantiqueira! Charming and with great solutions | Open House with Futucatuia Chalés and André Luque

2023-08-22 20:05:35

Photos: Futucatuia Chalés / Disclosure

In Gonçalves, in Serra da Mantiqueira, four chalets of 60m2 each frame the view of the mountains with great warmth and good taste. These are the Futucatuia chalets, designed by Karina Figueiredo and Monica Menezes and designed by architect André Luque.

From the outside, the project impresses: in order to avoid any interventions on the ground as much as possible, no plateau for construction was made on the ground. To imagine the complexity of the work, just remember that the chalets are on top of a mountain, 1,600 meters high! For this, the slopes were respected and the studios are suspended from cantilevered beams, providing lightness to the project.

Inside, other solutions very well thought out. The chalets have a studio format with integrated environments, all four with 60m2 each on a huge plot, guaranteeing total privacy. To give prominence to the stunning view of the mountains, four panes of glass open the entire front of the chalet to nature.

The view can be enjoyed even while bathing! A charming soaking tub overlooking the mountains is a differential that attracts guests, in addition, of course, to the deck where you can enjoy a beautiful sunset.

For these reasons, I took a complete tour of Futucatuia Chalés accompanied by the architect André Luque and the owners, and I was able to understand in depth how it all started and how it is today. One spoiler: you’ll love the full video on my channel! I wait you there.

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Casa de Valentina: What was the inspiration for the project?

Futucatuia Chalés: The idea has always been to build a more contemporary chalet with a view of the mountains.

Casa de Valentina: And what was considered a priority in the project?

Futucatuia Chalets: All chalets were strategically positioned to have a beautiful view of the mountains and also the sunset. In addition, as it is a colder place (we have an average of 5 degrees less than SP), we try to make the most of the sun’s incidence to keep the environment warm.

Casa de Valentina: What do you consider a differential?

Futucatuia Chalés: Little intervention on the ground. We are at an altitude of 1,600 m, on top of a mountain. We did not make any plateau for construction. The chalets were built on the land respecting the slopes and are suspended from cantilevered beams to give lightness to the project. Also the view. We have 4 generous panes of glass at the front of the chalet, so that the resident / guest can enjoy the view of the mountains, even while showering.

Casa de Valentina: And what materials were used?

Futucatuia Chalés: In construction we use many local materials, such as wood and stone. All water used in the chalet comes from a mine on the ground.

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