Champions League Live: Updates, Scores, and Results

2023-12-12 19:47:49


The buuuut of Benfica !!! (0-2, 46e)

Extremely important goal in Salzburg! On an assist from Angel Di Maria, André Gomes doubles the lead for Benfica! The Lisbon side are now third in their group.


Score update

Union Berlin – Real Madrid : 0-0

RB Salzburg – Benfica: 0-1

Naples – Braga : 2-0

Inter – Real Sociedad: 0-0

Copenhague – Galatasaray : 0-0

Manchester United – Bayern Munich : 0-0


Ceballos close to the goal! (0-0, 43rd)

Real was very close to opening the score against Union Berlin! But the outside of Ceballos’ foot goes just wide of the Union goal.


Maguire replaced for United (0-0, 40th)

Suffering from an adductor injury, the English defender gives way to Jonny Evans.


The buuuuut for Napoli!!! (2-0, 37th)

It’s waking up in this multiplex! The Neapolitans double the stake through Victor Oshimen! The Nigerian tries twice but manages to convert Natan’s good cross.


The buuuuuuuut for Benfica!!! (1-0, 32nd)

Di Maria rekindles the suspense in this group D! In the event of a victory by two goals or more, the Lisbon side would qualify for the Europa League.


The opportunity for Bayern!!! (0-0, 32nd)

What an opportunity for Leroy Sané! On the right side, Kingsley Coman sends a perfect cross to the far post aimed at the German. The latter misses and fails to push the ball into the net!


Copenhagen shows itself (0-0, 29th)

Since the start of the meeting, the Danes have not been slowed down by the challenge. On the right side, Jelert addresses another dangerous cross pushed back with a header by Boey.


Valverde’s strike! (0-0, 26th)

We weren’t far from 1-0 for Real! on a free kick at the edge of the area, the Merengue attempt a combination. Valverde’s curler goes just wide of the right post!


Real to its advantage (0-0, 24th)

What real action! Starting from midfield, the ball lands on the right side at the feet of Lucas Vasquez/ The latter crosses back for Modric who attempts the strike! This is countered by the Berlin defense.


United in difficulty (0-0, 20th)

Faced with the Bavarians in control, the Red Devils, who are playing for their European future, did not get on target once. Bayern have already struck three times, and have control of the leather.


Score update

Union Berlin – Real Madrid : 0-0

RB Salzburg – Benfica: 0-0

Naples – Braga : 1-0

Inter – Real Sociedad: 0-0

Copenhague – Galatasaray : 0-0

Manchester United – Bayern Munich : 0-0


The opportunity for Salzburg! (0-0, 14th)

At the penalty spot, Rafa tries to adjust Trubin with the flat of his foot! But his shot goes over the target, leaving it 0-0.


The buuuuuut of Napoli!!! (1-0, 10th)

The Neapolitans secure their place in the round of 16! Launched on the right side, Politano wants to serve Oshimen in the area and crosses hard. Saatci wants to block the ball but scores against his side!


The opportunity for Copenhagen! (0-0, 9th)

The Danes start their match against Galatasaray very strong. Launched in depth, Ankersen presents himself against Muslera but crosses his shot too much!


Mactominay’s strike! (0-0, 5th)

The Mancuniens, who must win at home against Bayern, put their foot on the ball. The Scottish midfielder, who has scored multiple times in recent weeks, tries his hand at shooting but doesn’t hit the target.


Salzburg holds the ball

Against Benfica, the Austrians must not lose by more than two goals to secure third place in the group.


Let’s go !

Kick-off is in Milan between Inter and Real Sociedad. Matches start all over Europe.


The Berlin composition with Gosens and Volland


Bellingham starts with Real


Real assured of being first against Union Berlin

Thanks to its five victories in five matches, the King’s club will finish this group phase in first place. The Unionists will be able to win the Europa League in the following scenario: they beat Réal and Braga loses to Naples.


The composition of the Portuguese against Naples


The Napoli team, with Oshimen


A final for Napoli against Braga

With 7 points on the clock, the Neapolitans have their destiny in their hands against Braga (4 points). Only a defeat would knock them out of the Champions League.


Real’s composition in 4-4-2


The Inter XI, Thuram holder


The challenges of Inter Milan-Real Sociedad

The two teams have already qualified for the eighth, and are competing in a final for the head of the group.

Thanks to its better goal difference, the Spaniards can settle for a draw. The Interists will therefore have to win at home.


The composition of the Bavarians with Kingsley Coman


The 11th of the Mancuniens, Martial and Hojlund holders


Manchester United qualified if…

The Red Devils qualified for the round of 16 if:

they win against Bayern, and Galatasaray and Copenhagen neutralize each other

The Red Devils in the Europa League if:

-They beat Bayern Munich and either Copenhagen or Galatasaray win

-They draw against Bayern Munich and Galatasaray beat Copenhagen

The Red Devils eliminated from all European competition if:

– They lose against Bayern Munich

– They draw against Bayern Munich and Galatasaray draw against Copenhagen

– They draw against Bayern Munich and Copenhagen win or draw against Galatasaray


Evening meetings:

Union Berlin – Real Madrid

RB Salzburg – Benfica

Naples – Braga

Inter – Real Sociedad

Copenhague – Galatasaray

Manchester United – Bayern Munich


Welcome to this live!

Good evening everyone! We will follow the multiplex live from the last day of the Champions League group stages. Kick-off at 9:00 p.m.!

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