Chanel bags and transparent dresses: Ekaterina Klimova showed her wardrobe

2024-03-14 19:29:16

46-year-old Ekaterina Klimova published on her own Youtube channel excursion in your dressing room. In the actress’s luxurious apartment worth 125 million rubles, the wardrobe occupies a separate room.

With the help of a stylist, Klimova sorted out her clothes and showed off her favorite things. Thus, a whole rack is occupied by bags from leading brands: from Chanel to Hermes. Their total cost is tens of millions of rubles.

Catherine’s favorite material is cashmere. She wears things made from this material on a daily basis and won’t even trust them to dry cleaners, preferring to wash them herself.

Klimova stores silk and satin dresses in a separate closet so that the fabrics do not deteriorate. She showed off her favorite handmade transparent dress with a scattering of rhinestones. The actress sewed it herself for one of her performances, since she could not explain her creative idea to any tailor.

Ekaterina turned out to be a big fan of scarves: she combines accessories from Hermes and Max Mara with both everyday and evening looks. And the artist named ordinary white sneakers as her favorite shoes.

Finally, Klimova noted that she regularly sorts out her clothes and gives to relatives and friends what she no longer wants to wear. Thanks to this, the dressing room is not cluttered and looks neat.

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