Chang Muay Thai Kiatphet Fight Organize a match to wash eyes Petsommai Duel Chokplungrit

“Amarin Superfight: Chang Muay Thai Kiatpetch” a popular Thai boxing show from Amarin 34 channel that will fight on Sunday, March 27, 2022 at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium. There will be a main event in which the orbit of Yod Muay Dan North and Muay Ek Dan Isaan will meet.

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The main event of the show is an eye-washing match of Petchsommai Sor. Sommai, Muay-ek from the new power group. Right-handed fighter from Lamphun Province Boxing The inner circle has a good outer circle. It is featured in the story of sharp elbow fists and a strong mind. Meet Chokplungrit Por Lakboon, a fighter from Ubon Ratchathani province. long tall figure Good square principle, strong knee stab, heavy punch, which had won Petsommai last year.

In addition, there are also many interesting supporting boxing matches, such as Chokdee Magjandee vs Nong Champ, Wing Mai Restaurant, Petchnamchai Kiatphanitphant vs Lao Star Kiatthongyot, and the second main event Kaka. SCR Pae Minburi meets Surachai Sor Sommai

For Amarin Super Fight, Chang Muay Thai Kiatpetch Full of 8 boxing pairs as before Divide the live broadcast into two sessions, 4 pairs each, with the first session being broadcasted live on Amarin 34 from 16.55 – 19.00 hrs. The second period is broadcasted live on the website from 7:20 p.m. onwards. Watch for free

Incidentally, any boxing fan who wants to come to watch live boxing near the edge of the ring. Can be viewed at Rajadamnern Boxing Stadium for 1,200 baht, including ATK examination fee.

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