“Chang Suek” organizes a warm-up match with Turkmenistan at Sisaket Province

The Thai national team is preparing to hold a warm-up game against the Turkmenistan national team. Which is an A-MATCH friendly match in Sisaket Province Before joining the Asian Cup

Dr. Siripong Angkasakulkiat President of the Sports Association of Sisaket Province gave preliminary information via Facebook post: Siripong Angkasakulkiat to the preparation of the warm-up football match at Sisaket Provincial Stadium It will warm up with the Turkmenistan national team, the world’s 134th team on May 27.

by the president of the Sports Association of Sisaket Province, revealed that

“Today I had the opportunity to talk to the Football Association of Thailand. to the form of warm-up kicks between the Thai national team and the Turkmen team A brief conclusion was obtained:

– The race track, the training ground, and the accommodation are all organized in Sisaket.”
– Foreign teams who finish the race will stay in Sisaket for a period of time
– There will be training for interested people who want to know how to teach.
– There is a football clinic by the Football Association for children.
– Parents can bring their children You can go and watch the training session. The academy can also visit.
– There is an elephant war volunteer project. For children who want to volunteer in this activity, etc.

“Some items may change slightly. to suit Thank you Thai League President Very much the secretary of the Football Association of Thailand. The last question is waiting for the procedure of SAT. and the National Sports Development Fund a little more.”

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