Change in vaccination in Brussels: the time between two doses of AstraZeneca will be shortened

Something new in the vaccination campaign in Brussels: as reported by RTBF, the time between two doses of AstraZeneca will be shortened. Indeed, it will go from 12 weeks initially to 8 weeks.

The question that immediately arises is then: why such a change between the two injections? Our colleagues explain that this longer interval was an obstacle for a lot of Brussels residents compared to other vaccines, which only require about a month. Cocom therefore asked to take into consideration the narrowest range, knowing that the recommendations were “between 8 and 12 weeks”. This shorter period will make it possible to free up more vaccination slots but also to sell more stocks of AstraZeneca vaccines.

Note that Wallonia is studying this possibility of also shortening the time, but would consider 9 weeks between two injections. The rule would then also apply only to newly vaccinated, not to those who have already received their first dose. But all this has yet to be decided and formalized.

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