“Changjin Lake” Hong Kong releases online ticket price of 58,000 yuan, the theater denies that at least 24 games were full on weekends | Position Report

The patriotic film “Changjin Lake” with the background of the Korean War was just released in Hong Kong today (11th). There are screens in all major theaters. Some netizens noticed that this Saturday, one of the cinema stars under Cinemacity theaters All the sessions of Huihui were full and turned into a sea of ​​red. Some online screenshots even showed that the ticket price of one session was marked as HK$58,888, which shocked netizens. When Xingyinghui responded to the “Stance”, it only pointed out that the fare indicated in the picture was incorrect. The adult fare of “Changjin Lake” was HK$105.

“Changjin Lake” is one of the gift films celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. It is directed by Chen Kaige, Tsui Hark, and Lin Chaoxian, and starring Wu Jing, the protagonist of “Wolf Warrior”, and young idol actor Yi Yan Qianxi. The story tells that in 1950, Chinese soldiers who “resisted US aggression and aid Korea” and US troops fought at Changjin Lake. This patriotic film was shown in the mainland last month, and the box office in the mainland has surpassed RMB 5.6 billion.

Screenshot of netizens refers to a play of 58,000

The film only held its premiere in Hong Kong yesterday (10th), and it was officially released today.Some netizens are here todayPost on social platforms, Referring to “Saturday Cinemacity all shows in Hong Kong are full for the whole day!” The article also has a picture, the picture refers to the show at 2:50 pm this Saturday, the ticket price is 58888 Hong Kong dollars.

Many netizens saw the post, some people were skeptical or involved in “reserving the number of seats”, and others raised questions, such as “even “wheelchair seats” are buried in red” and “the most powerful show is not required for epidemic prevention.” The whole hospital can be full” and so on.

The fare in the picture is as high as HK$58,888. (Online picture)

At least 24 games full on weekends

“Stance” reporters checked the ticket sales of Cinemacity’s cinemas this weekend. On this Saturday, Cinema City Langham Place, Cinema City VICTORIA (Causeway Bay), and Xingyinghui, a total of 14 “Changjin Lake” games have been fully occupied, but the ticket price of Xingyinghui is not as good as the screenshots on the Internet. The label is 58888 Hong Kong dollars, but 105 Hong Kong dollars. And this Sunday, Cinemacity also screened a total of 10 “Changjin Lake” in three theaters, which was also full of red seas.

“Position” consulted Cinemacity and Star Shadow respectively on this matter. Xingyinghui replied that the fare indicated in the screenshots on the Internet was incorrect. The adult fare for “Changjin Lake” was HK$105. However, the number of shows that did not respond to the full was public ticket sales or reserved venues.

At least 24 games of “Changjin Lake” will be full this weekend.

Cinema City is now part of Transmit Entertainment Co., Ltd. The company’s predecessor was Tianma Film and Television Culture Holdings Co., Ltd. founded by Huang Baiming and his son in 2009. The first cinema was opened in Langham Place, Mong Kok in 2014, and later developed to a total of 6 cinemas. Distributed in Hong Kong, Kowloon and New Territories.

In 2017, Huang Baiming will pass on entertainment selling orders to mainland property stocks R&F. At the beginning of this year, Transmit Entertainment announced that it would sell its three Cinema City theaters in Causeway Bay, Chai Wan and Tsuen Wan, as well as the media and entertainment business, to Huang Baiming for a total price of 108 million Hong Kong dollars.

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