Chaos and Controversy at Azteca Stadium: Fans Slam the Door and Refereeing Errors in América vs Pumas Clásico Capitalino

2023-10-01 01:30:00

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Chaos in the entrances of the Azteca Stadium, fans slam the door

Dozens of fans enter the venue through an alternate entrance.

The ESPN specialist points out that before the disallowed goal, Pablo Monroy committed a penalty on Henry Martín

He Capital Classic It started with intensity and in the first minutes the dangerous and controversial plays reached the Azteca stadium. Felipe Ramos Rizo points out that the play where the goal was disallowed Henry Martinfor finishing on the ground and hitting Pablo Monroy in the head, previously the defender committed a penalty against the forward.

“Punishes the lack of Henry Martin but first there is a clear penalty on the same player, neither the referee nor the VAR, blessed arbitration (sic)”, published the arbitration specialist of ESPN on X, formerly Twitter.

The central whistler, Víctor Alfonso Cáceres, took a few seconds to review the WAS and returned to the field of play to invalidate the action, all while the medical services treated ‘Poncho’ Monroy for the kick from Henry.

América had a goal disallowed, but Ramos Rizo assures that there was a penalty for Henry Martín.Imago 7

Before the central sign, Game rooms He approached to complain to him and was reprimanded for his anger, so he was warned for the rest of the game. The azulcrema forward could not believe that the preventive card was removed.

After a few minutes, the game resumed with Monroy reinstated, and the youth squad Pumas He was injured by the kick of Henry.

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Subsequently, José Caicedo came off the bench and left the field in the emergency cart due to an injury he suffered in midfield. The Colombian could not rejoin, he left sad and frustrated for not being able to continue in the game.

Faced with this situation, Antonio Mohamed gave his place to Arturo Ortiz and modified his scheme to a line of 5, since ‘Palermo’ was placed with Nathan Silva and Lisandro Magallán in defense and left Pablo Bennevendo and the same wingers as wingers. Monroy.

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