Chapter 18 of Coffee, with the aroma of a woman September 8

Seagull (Margaret Rose of Francis) arrives at the cocktail party fully dressed and surprises Sebastián (Guy Ecker) with its beauty.

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In the middle of the event, Sebastián takes the opportunity to talk to Gaviota and question her about her love life, but she reminds him that he has no right to know that kind of information about her.

Facing Gaviota’s refusal, Sebastián asks her to go together to the hacienda to experience their love, but they are interrupted by Lucía (Alexandra Borrero), who decides to arrive at the cocktail party and assure that she is planning to have a child with Sebastián.

Gaviota begins to talk to one of the businessmen and Sebastián loses control and makes another scene of jealousy.

Later, Gaviota leaves the cocktail party and is stranded, being helped by Sebastián, who takes her home and in the middle of the journey they argue about their relationship.

There Gaviota tells her that she is resigning and Sebastián reminds her of everything he has had to go through for thinking about her after waiting for her for a year.

Gaviota does not stop rejecting him and assures him that he will give him his resignation letter, but he mentions that he will have to give it to Iván (Christopher Errazuriz), because he decided to return to the hacienda after discovering that the Gaviota he met is not the same and that everything they experienced is just a nice memory.

After their unfortunate encounter, Sebastián returns to the hacienda and asks Aurelio not to mention Gaviota to him again.

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