Charles Adams: “Joe Biden can still win with Michigan and Wisconsin”

American lawyer and backer of the Democratic Party, Charles Adams does not hide his disappointment. But this Barack Obama ambassador to Finland still believes in Joe Biden’s victory. Interview.

Le Temps: Your first hot reaction?

Charles Adams: I am struck by the fact that tens of millions of my compatriots are ready to want to re-elect Donald Trump, someone who in my eyes is an abomination. The fact that he is not qualified for the post of president should however be obvious. It’s hard for me to explain what happened that night. To me, this is a clear condemnation of the social and educational system of the United States. This vote reveals a flawed education, a lack of information on who the current president really is. We thus see voters likely to be manipulated and to believe literally what they are told, and to vote without discernment.

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Do you think Joe Biden can still win the election?

A victory is still plausible. I think he can still catch up in Michigan and Wisconsin once the mail ballots are counted. I am less optimistic about Pennsylvania. Even though 1.4 million mail-in ballots have to be counted, I find it hard to see Joe Biden closing a backlog of over 600,000 votes.

[Les propos de Donald Trump] will already inspire groups of supporters who could resort to violence. It is very unhealthy

Joe Biden’s voter demographics look very different from Hillary Clinton’s in 2016 …

Indeed. In Miami Dade County, Florida, the defection of Cuban Hispanics has been very significant. Joe Biden got fewer votes there than Hillary Clinton in 2016. In urban areas, the mobilization of African Americans was probably not enough.

How do you react to the words of Trump already declaring his victory?

These are unacceptable comments. He declares his victory as the electoral process is far from over. It is a clear attempt to bypass the democratic process. His words will already inspire groups of supporters who could resort to violence. It is very unhealthy. I am sure he will, if necessary, use all legal means to challenge a possible victory for Biden. We risk having very difficult times.

The will of the Democrats to regain the majority of the Senate seems compromised …

The majority has become inaccessible after the defeats of several Democrats in polls that they believe to be favorable. To stop Trump if he was elected, it would have been necessary to win at least four senator seats. It is off the mark. If Joe Biden wins, the fact that he will not have a majority in the Senate will seriously complicate his room for maneuver and the implementation of his policy. This situation risks causing paralysis of the country. It is very unfortunate.

The Covid-19 has obviously not played a major role in the motivation of voters?

The only role he played was to boost postal voting. But it gave us the illusion of success. Because Trump’s voters mobilized a lot and voted in person. They did not care about the coronavirus at all.

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