Chasing 14 children for stealing gold necklaces to raise money for methamphetamine dealers Think of an escape plan that is too old.

Police at Ban Fang Police Station, Khon Kaen Province, have arrested a 14-year-old student for stealing a gold bracelet in a car. before being traded Raise money for amphetamine dealers, rent rooms and sleep in rice huts.

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On November 24, 2022, Pol. Col. Itthipol Netthaisong, Superintendent of Ban Fang Police Station, Khon Kaen Province, together with an investigative team, jointly arrested Chor Tai (Pseudonym), aged 14, for having Possession of amphetamines for sale and committed the theft of a gold bracelet

Pol Col. Itthipol said that the arrest of Chor Tai Happened on the night of October 15, 64, the victim filed a complaint with the Ban Fang Police Station. that the car parked in front of the house and forgot to lock the car Ready to take off the bracelet weighing 1 baht and 4,000 baht in cash in the car

After getting dressed, going out to run errands, getting into the car, found that there were traces of wreckage in the car. gold and cash disappear Asked the villagers, they knew that the knives of Chor Tai walk beside the car Therefore, it is believed that D.C.Tai will be the villain who steals Ask the police to arrest him

Later, on October 16, 64, the police were informed from a gold shop in Ban Fang market that a boy brought a bracelet weighing 1 baht and changed it to a necklace weighing 2 salung, a ring weighing 1 salung, the rest of the request was 4,000 baht in cash. The gold shop has a picture from a closed circuit. therefore handed over to the police as evidence

Col. Itthipol added that the police then inspected the gold shop and found that the bracelet exchanged matched the bracelet of the victim. therefore went out to track and arrest D.C.Tai has escaped from the village It was also known from the villagers that D.C.Tai Has committed a number of thefts. The village headman told him to warn but was not afraid to repeat the incident.

From the investigation, it was known that Teacher Tai’s parents have separated, so the child lives with an aging grandmother who has been raising her grandchildren. Chor Tai, after escaping, rents a resort in the area adjacent to Khon Kaen City. With Ban Fang District, stay for 1 night. When the money runs out, the gold is sold in a gold shop in Ban Thum Subdistrict. Mueang Khon Kaen and slept in the villagers’ huts

Later, the grandmother of D.C.Tai Went to hire to harvest rice in the area of ​​Ban Nong Wang, Ban Lao Subdistrict, Ban Fang District, the police therefore monitored the movement of people who entered and exited the fields until they met Chor Tai, went to see his grandmother, so they arrested him along with the drug methamphetamine. 243 tablets

From the investigation of D.C. Tai confess that Steal a real gold bracelet and cash in the victim’s car. and exchanged bracelets for necklaces and gold rings Ready to receive real cash Bring money to buy amphetamines to consume and sell from 10 pills to 100 pills.

The urine test revealed that it was purple. which confessed that while fleeing the police I was taking methamphetamine every day. until being arrested The police then filed the charges and prepared to be sent to detention at the Child and Youth Detention Center in Khon Kaen Province.

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