Check the risk, symptoms and incubation period of “small pox”, stunned, found 29 infected sperm.

Check for monkey pox symptoms behindWorld Health OrganizationThe declaration of an international public health emergency by Dr. Teera Worathanarat, a lecturer at the Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post Thira Woratanarat Summarysymptomof “smallpox monkey” From 16 countries around the world, Thornhill JP et al published the results of the study. “smallpox monkey” In 528 patients from 16 countries around the world from April to June 2022, published in the New England Journal of Medicine on July 21, 2022.

the essence is

– patient “smallpox monkey” mostlygay group andbisexual (Having sex with both males and females) up to 41% are infected.HIVstay with

– Mean age (median) 38 years (working age)

– 95% had a history of presumed infection fromhave sex

– 95% will develop a skin rash after infection “smallpox monkey” About three-quarters (73%) of these rashes are found on the anus or genital area.

– other abnormal symptoms The most common prior to the rash were fever (62%), enlarged lymph nodes (56%), fatigue (41%), myalgia (31%), and headache (27%).

– About a third (29%) were found to be infected withfuckwith others, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, herpes

incubation period (from the startinfectuntil the onset of illness) on average 7 days, which can range from 3-20 days.

– The key is from the examinationSemen 32 people were able to detect the genetic material of the virus. “smallpox monkey” up to 29 people

– Up to a quarter (26%) of the viral genome can be detected in the throat and nose, and in some people it can also be detected in blood and urine.

“smallpox monkey” It has been declared an international public health emergency. by the World Health Organization People therefore need to have knowledge monitor the situation in order to know and protect yourself from “smallpox monkey” Be careful of close contact with strangers. Be sure to notice any abnormalities. Especially those who work in service, care and entertainment related to the sex industry. With the current situation with international travel and free tourism Chances of latent infection in the community and the epidemic would be high

Check the risks, symptoms and incubation period. "monkey pox" Surprisingly, 29 sperm were found to be infected.

Check the risks, symptoms and incubation period. "monkey pox" Surprisingly, 29 sperm were found to be infected.

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