“Checo Perez and Fernando Alonso: The Dynamic Spanish-Speaking Duo of Red Bull and Aston Martin on the Grid”

2023-05-10 05:00:40

Sergio ‘Checo’ Perez y Fernando Alonso They are one of the darling drivers on the grid for Hispanic fans, who watch ‘the good vibes’ (if we are talking about Iberian idioms) among the members of Red Bull y Aston Martin.

Even on the weekend of Miami Grand Prixwere protagonists on the grid, first, in the classification, where with Carlos Sainz (Ferrari) they completed a purely Spanish-speaking start, which led to the breach of protocol by the Asturian, who spoke in Spanish as part of an acknowledgment of the moment they lived through.

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Previously, in a fun moment captured by the international signal, Checo Perez joined a chat between Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainzwhere the Mexican launched a “What, are you friends again, bastard?”a question that was understood in the context of the recent friction between the Iberians, with Australia and Azerbaijan as the scene of moments that did not go any further.

Those couple of moments were seasoned after the Miami Grand Prixwhere Czech came second and Alonso third; FernandoJokingly, he asked for half a minute of punishment for the Mexican, after he found out that Pérez went through the commissioners of the FIAwho left him a reprimand for being late to the parade of pilots.

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“30 second penalty! And also for me, because I was wrong. And it is that I told the team until what lap the tires would hold before the pit stop”, expressed Fernando Alonso.

Even the ‘Nano’ threw a stick over his ‘stuff’, when it came to revealing Aston Martin’s strategy: “And then I was wrong, because the Plan A, minus 12 it was possible, but not for several laps. A few seconds later I said: I’m sorry, and surely they were already laughing on the radio because they realized that I said stupid.”

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