Cheers and sadness for Timo Boll (

Timo Boll suddenly shot tears in his eyes in the jubilation over Borussia Düsseldorf’s return to the Champions League throne. The joy of his 25th anniversary title with the Rhinelander mixed with the mourning for his dead dog Carrie, which had been painstakingly suppressed for days at the tournament in his own hall. “From the quarter-finals on there was a crisis. It’s very tough after 14 years, ”said Boll, describing his emotions in a broken voice.

All the more convenient for the 39-year-old after the 3: 1 in the “Endspeel zohuus” against the German champions 1. FC Saarbrücken the corona-related failure of the usual break through the old town after Düsseldorf triumphs. “She was like a child,” thought Boll in the VIP room with a sad look at his longtime companion.

The record European champion, who was not allowed to break out of the tournament bubble these days, nevertheless impressively prepared the way for his team to win the first title after more than two years of drought. In the short-sentence showdown of the opening single against Saarbrücken’s top player Shang Kun, Boll turned a 0: 4 in an inimitable way to make it 6: 4. Because the Swede Anton Källberg then surprisingly got the other two points, Düsseldorf celebrated its sixth triumph in the premier class.

Boll held up the “handle pot” for the seventh time and became the most successful German in Europe’s most important club competition. “Really? I would not have thought that, «commented the world number ten, his next record as usual.

The European champion preferred to emphasize the importance of success for his team in typical fashion: »Above all, I feel relief. I was worried that it would work again in my career. We were a team and not just Timo Boll. That’s why wins with a team are so nice and more fun than winning individually. “

This attitude has long since made the silver jubilee at the German industry leader much more than just a guarantee of success. »Timo is bigger than any other great person in our club’s history. He lives the club. He is involved everywhere and also in our social aid projects, which gives everyone here incredible support for everyday life. Timo is the face of Borussia «, explained Düsseldorf manager Andreas Preuss Boll’s importance beyond the record.

Hans Wilhelm Gäb, newly admitted to the Hall of Fame of German Sports, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Rhinelander, gave a similar verdict: “Thanks to his character and his constancy, Timo is a phenomenon in human and sporting terms.”

Based on this, Preuss hopes for a new era of success for the club. “We’ve gotten a lot of blows in the last two years and yet we haven’t made any decisions too quickly, but rather trusted. The fact that we came back with the same team will keep me flying for another four weeks. That will carry us through the rest of the season and the players through to the Olympics. «Boll and Co. will have their next chance for a title on January 9 at the cup final in Ulm.SID / nd


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