Chelsea VS Crystal Palace: Premier League Football Preview 2022/23 (link to watch live football)

Performance of the last 5 matches


  • 13/01/23 Meet Fulham (away) Premier League
  • 06/01/23 Meet Manchester City (home) Premier League
  • 01/01/23 Visit Forest (away) Premier League
  • 28/12/22 Bournemouth 2-0 (homecoming) Premier League
  • 11/12/22 lost to Aston Villa 0-1 (central field) warm up

Crystal Palace

  • 31/12/22 Bournemouth won 2-0 (away) Premier League
  • 26/12/22 defeated Fulham 0-3 (Home) Premier League
  • 17/12/22 won Valladolid 2-1 (home) friendly match
  • 11/12/22 lost to Napoli 1-3 (away) friendly match
  • 07/12/22 Always Trabzonspor 2-2 (away) friendly match

Statistics for the last 5 matches

  • 01/10/65 Crystal Palace lost 1-2 Chelsea (Premier League)
  • 17/04/22 Chelsea beat Crystal Palace 2-0 (FA Cup)
  • 19/02/22 Crystal Palace defeated Chelsea 0-1 (Premier League)
  • 14/08/21 Chelsea won Crystal Palace 3-0 (Premier League)
  • 11/04/21 Crystal Palace defeated Chelsea 1-4 (Premier League)

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