Chery Morocco: Leading the Way in Sustainable Mobility in the Moroccan Automotive Sector – Insights from Marketing and Sales Director, Rachid Talbi

2024-04-08 11:19:40

The Moroccan automotive sector is changing, particularly with regard to sustainable mobility, a segment in which the Chery brand intends to play a key role. This is what Rachid Talbi, Marketing and Sales Director of Chery Morocco (Africa Motors-Auto Hall Group), explains to us in this interview. It goes into more detail about the brand’s news and the latest automobile innovations introduced into the range. He also takes the opportunity to lift the veil on the projects that are close to Chery Maroc’s heart, as part of its development.

Challenge : What is your assessment of SAVE, the automobile show dedicated to new energies that you organized from March 1 to 10?

Rachid Talbi: SAVE marked a significant turning point in the evolution of the Moroccan automobile market towards sustainable mobility. This event, the first of its kind in Morocco, not only highlighted our commitment to the environment, but also showcased our diverse range of electric and hybrid vehicles. The public reception was very positive, with a remarkable turnout, a sign of the growing interest in new energies. All this affirms Auto Hall’s role as a pioneer in the Kingdom’s energy transition.

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Challenge : What actions have you put in place to encourage customers to opt for a hybrid or electric vehicle?

R.T : To encourage the adoption of clean mobility vehicles, we have launched several initiatives, including favorable trade-in offers, attractive financing solutions such as free and deferred credit, and extended warranties of up to 8 years to reduce barriers to procurement. Furthermore, recognizing the importance of charging infrastructure, we are not only offering wall chargers to our customers, but we are also planning to strengthen the country’s electricity grid by installing charging stations at key locations across our network. . These actions are part of our overall strategy to facilitate access to clean vehicles and raise awareness among our customers of the environmental and economic benefits of these technologies.

Challenge : How do you see Morocco’s energy transition in the medium or long term, particularly for its vehicle fleet?

R.T : Morocco’s energy transition, particularly for its automobile fleet, is on track. However, to accelerate this movement, several levers should be activated. First, strengthening tax and financial incentives for the purchase of clean vehicles is crucial. Then, the development of charging infrastructure across the country is essential to reassure users. Finally, increased awareness of the environmental benefits and reduced total cost of ownership of electric vehicles could further convince consumers. Auto Hall is committed to working together with public and private stakeholders to support these initiatives.

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Challenge : Who are you targeting with the EQ1 and the Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-In Hybrid?

R.T : The EQ1, our electric micro-city car, mainly targets urban residents looking for practical, economical and ecological mobility solutions for their daily trips. As for the Tiggo 8 Pro Plug-In Hybrid, it is aimed at family customers wishing to combine comfort, space and respect for the environment without compromising on performance. These models illustrate our desire to offer vehicles adapted to a wide range of needs and preferences. Furthermore, we intend to expand our electrified range with the Tiggo 7 Pro Plugin hybrid, and the EQ7, an electric SUV with a range of 400 km.

Challenge : What projects are close to your heart for the development of Chery?

R.T : In the coming months, our main objective will be to consolidate our leading position in the field of new energy vehicles in Morocco. We plan to expand our range of electric and hybrid vehicles with even more innovative models adapted to the specific needs of our market. Furthermore, the development of charging infrastructure remains a priority to facilitate the adoption of these technologies. Finally, we are committed to continuing our efforts in corporate social responsibility, with a focus on the sustainability and environmental impact of our activities.

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