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Do you know what ‘El Chavo’ was really called, the protagonist of ‘El Chavo del 8’, one of the most remembered Latin series in history?

If the answer is ‘no’ here we are going to tell you what his name was like and that of the other characters in the production. If you did, then enjoy remembering.

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Data of ‘El Chavo’

The surprising data were revealed in the pages of ‘El diario del Chavo del 8’, a book written by Roberto Gómez Bolaños, the beloved creator of the character who stole the hearts of several generations of viewers.

In the book, the actor, also known as ‘Chespirito’, claimed that the true name of his iconic The well-known character of ‘El Chavo’ was ‘Rodolfo Pietro Filiberto Raffaelo Guglielmi’.

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Another name revealed was that of ‘Quico’, which was’ Federico Bardón de la Regueira ‘, and that of’ Chilindrina ‘, which was’ Espergesia Valdés.

‘Don Ramón’, meanwhile, was called the same as the artist who played him, Ramón Valdés. And ‘Doña Florinda’, played by Florinda Meza, was called ‘Florinda Corcura y Villalpando’.

The ‘Professor Jirafales’ had the name: ‘Inocencio Girafales’ and, finally, the remembered ‘Señor Barriga’ was ‘Zenón Barriga y Pesado’.

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