Chet Holmgren made a successful Summer League debut

It was obviously THE MAN for whom we had set the alarm clock, with all due respect to Xavier Tillman or Tacko Fall. The man that an entire franchise – the Thunder – is waiting for as the Messiah, the man who isn’t physically one yet. Without revealing too much of the content of his evening? Let’s say we’ve changed our underwear four times in 40 minutes, because Chet Holmgren is somewhere between “greatest player in basketball history” and “oh calm down, it’s still a practice game a month. of July against heating engineers”.

It’s hard to tell the difference at this time of year. Yes, the Summer League offers a level and an intensity sometimes worthy of the Fair of the Throne, but at the same time deprived of the NBA that we have been in for a few weeks, don’t we have the right to shiver at the first rebounds of the summer ? Because this Summer League is also made for that, and know that if some people forget their holiday love as soon as they leave the A7, others look back thirty years later thinking that this love has contributed to building a happy family. Why are you being told all this by taking us for Chateaubriand? Just to tell you that tonight Chet Holmgren, the No. 2 of the last Draft and – for many – the new star of the League has made his official debut with his Thunder franchise and that it simply sparkled, giving rise here and there to reactions that we will deem legitimate for the reasons cited above.

Launched in the five of OKC alongside Aaron Wiggins, Josh Giddey, Aleksej Pokusevski and Jeremiah Robinson-Earl, the one we already nicknamed the Unicorn (because of his incredible stature and to forget the existence of Kristaps Porzingis ) very quickly showed his skills, in defense with great deterrence on the first possessions, then in attack with moves straight out of Dirk Nowitzki’s repertoire with Kevin Durant sauce. Then again in defense with the first of his… six blocks of the evening, then again in attack, when he transformed himself in all relaxation into a species of Steph Curry of 2m15 (4/6 of the parking lot in the end). 88 kilos all wet but solid against babies who are not (Kofi Cockburn and his 130 kilos, Tacko Fall and his 2m72 and 140 kilos)straight as an I when he goes up against and showing handle in attack to lose few balls, in short a perfect score with – always and we remind you – the nuance that this kind of opposition must bring .

We recall that the best Jazz player tonight was perhaps Deron Williams in the stands, that the new house coach (Will Hardy) probably spent his evening looking for Rudy Gobert in the stands, and that on the field the young players from Utah did not necessarily have the answers in the face of so much talent. Xavier Sneed is nice but it’s still the contraction of Snif and Weed, Cockburn’s translation gives something like shell burnt finally I think, and apart from a few shots from the so-called Palmer and a big putback from Williams at the end of the match nothing crazy to get your teeth into for the locals. Unlike this young Thunder team which – apart from the sweet madness offered by Chet Holmgren – has already almost earned its stripes “League Pass 2022-23 team”. Josh Giddey who treats and who seems to play like an adult in the middle of the kids when he is almost the youngest of the band, Jalen Williams in sensation at the lead thanks to a rather crazy chest, Aleksej Pokusevski and Ousmane Dieng who have not found the target but who seem not to know the word shyness, and all these little people who will soon be associated with Tre Mann (absent because of COVID protocol), Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Lu Sleep? Only one question: when is the recovery, only one answer, at the end of October.

We repeat ourselves for the two at the bottom: the Summer League remains the Summer League… but chills remain chills. Last night Chet Holmgren gave us some, so we’re just going to take the games one after the other, yeah, like we had the wooden language of a Ligain coach, and we’ll see what happens next. . All we can say is that Chetos plays basketball and that he broke the record for blocks in a match of this Summer League, that he jumps very high, that he puts his baskets, that he prevents the adversary from putting it and that in addition he likes the blah-blah. Darling? Summer League we said, but maybe good.

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