Chiba Jets, who has run out of time, Yuki Togashi, who is aiming for consecutive wins “We have to believe in each other and believe in this team.” –Basketball Count |

Commanders focus on areas they can control “Shoot is water”

Chiba Jets faced the first leg of the championship quarterfinal with Utsunomiya Brex, but when Gavin Edwards carried a behind in the middle of the third quarter when he had a foul trouble, he could not hit a 3-point shot at the end and the last. He lost 70-81 without getting a chance to fight back.

Chiba surpassed Utsunomiya’s strength of offense rebound at 16-12, but fell below 11-22 at the second chance point, and the score from the turnover was 6-15, which was a big drain. Head coach Atsushi Ohno said, “The biggest factor is that it was a possession game with a second chance point, and at the Fifty Fifty Ball, I lost in that place.”

In a good way, it was a development that was suitable for the championship, and the whistle did not ring easily. Therefore, the victory or defeat of a pure physical battle is likely to lead to the result, and Utsunomiya, who is good at this, has been given a boost. Of course, if one or two more 3-point shots were decided, the development might have changed. However, head coach Ohno said, “The shoot is a part that can not be controlled by water,” “The entry has become heavy due to the offense, so I will change the viewpoint tomorrow and assemble the offense.” Focusing on the parts that we can control, we are prepared to fight through the second round.

Yuki Togashi

“Each person needs to be more conscious of going to the ring.”

Yuki Togashi scored 18 goals for Team High in this match, but recalled the match, saying, “I couldn’t play with my own rhythm and had a lot of hard times.” Especially in the second half, Togashi encountered a thorough mark of Utsunomiya. Utsunomiya blocked the pass course with Dinai, switched on and kept an eye on Togashi. Togashi’s painful time is linked to the story of the commander’s entry becoming heavier.

“I have the impression that I couldn’t make a pass where I wanted to pass, or I was pushed out a lot. In the second half, I couldn’t easily touch the ball, so I think that’s a problem. (Okura) With Sota It doesn’t matter who carries the ball because I spend a lot of time in the field, but I had to play in a position that I wasn’t used to and that I didn’t usually do in the team. “

The more Utsunomiya’s attention is focused on Togashi, the lower the alert level for other members. I’d like to take this opportunity, but it’s not as easy as it sounds. Togashi honestly praises Utsunomiya’s defense and says this. “I think there are quite a few scenes where you switch well or come to Dinai while communicating, and you miss the vacant player in that moment. But that is because of the pressure on the ball, so it’s hard to see the whole part. Yes. As with the countermeasures, it may be necessary for each person to be more conscious of going to the ring. “

Of course, Chiba is a team centered on Togashi, and he plays a central role in the offense set. However, it is easy to take measures because the other party is aware of it. It is also necessary for the players around to create a situation where Togashi can easily play by stretching his body, such as hitting the screen accurately. There is also a way to reduce the burden on Togashi by playing beyond the opponent’s expectations with on-the-spot inspiration and concentrating the mark on himself. Togashi’s “consciousness toward the ring more by each person” means that.

Togashi says that he is aiming to win the series in a row and break through the series in a reversal. “I haven’t had a chance to drop Game 1, but I’ll do everything the coach told me and what the team decided. I have to believe in each other and believe in this team.”

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