Child reciter Fathia Al-Aqeel wins the Grand Prize of the Stars of the Qur’an Competition

The child reciter, Fathia Al-Aqeel, won this evening, Friday, the grand prize of the Stars of the Qur’an competition, which is a trip to perform Umrah rituals, presented by the travel and tourism agency, Sattar Voyage.

The Palace of Lights hosted the closing ceremony of the competition in its second edition, which was organized by Tangier News magazine in partnership with the SIAL Institute for Vocational Training. Nine participants competed for its grand prize.

The reciter, Wiam al-Nayat, won the second place, and she got a trip on a yacht provided by the Royal Club for sailing boats, while the reciter Omar Shabo came in the third place, and he got a computer provided by the Tangier News Foundation.

The jury award was also won by the reader Marwa Al-Saudah, which is a phrase on a training period at the SIAL Institute for Vocational Training.

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