Chilean adopted by Italian-Belgian marriage returns to Lota to look for his family, after 43 years | National

A 43-year-old man traveled from Belgium to Chile to look for his family because, under unknown circumstances, he was adopted three months later by an Italian-Belgian couple.

Given the lack of information provided by his relatives in Europe, he made the decision to search, by his own means, some clue to reconstruct its history in Lota, Bío Bío region.

The connection between his birth in the mining ex-commune and his adoption in Belgium lacks further information that would allow us to be certain about his origin, nor about his previous stay in a police station in Tomé and a home for minors in the El Carmen commune, region of the Ñuble

This, considering that the above occurred during his first three months of life.

It’s the story of Andre Santino43-year-old lotino, who was born on February 6, 1979 in the former hospital of the National Coal Company.

In the third month of life, he would have been given up for adoption by a nun –Elisa Mottard– of Belgian nationality from the “Hermana Elisa” Home in El Carmen, who had connections with families from that country.

This was stated to Radio El Carbón, Ferdinand Becerraan interpreter from the University of Concepción, who knew about the case and helps André Santino in his passage through the Bío Bío, since the latter does not speak Spanish.

However, from the entity belonging to the Congregation of the Sacred Heartsthe information was scarce, as well as that provided by their adoptive parents, added the professional.

DNA sample

André Santino, 43 years old, born on February 6, 1979 in the Lota commune, took a DNA sample in case he had a relative in the area.

Let us remember that it would be an allegedly abandoned child and that a few days later he was sent to a police station in Tomé, to later end up in an orphanage in the commune of El Carmen, before his departure to Belgium during his first months of life.

His photographs and the WhatsApp that was enabled for the delivery of background information on the case, are available at Facebook of Radio El Carbon.

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