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53 years after the arrival of man on our satellite, activities are being held to commemorate this milestone for humanity.

As part of the commemoration of the 53rd anniversary of the arrival of man on the moon -one of the most significant scientific milestones in recent decades- and in compliance with the UN declaration to designate July 20 as the International Day of the Moon , the Federico Santa María Technical University has developed an extensive program that includes various activities organized from Thursday 7.

For the professor of the Academy of Aeronautical Sciences (ACA) Rodrigo Suarez, “the development of human activities on the Moon and on other planets appears today as a real feasibility, distant only a few years in time, due to the requirement of specific technologies that allow overcome some specific difficulties to achieve the definitive settlement of human colonies in environmentally complex areas”.

NASA in its aspirations to reach the planet Mars with manned missions, he adds, rightly considers establishing lunar settlements to facilitate the conditioning of astronauts and for the manufacture of pieces, parts, equipment and ships to colonize the red planet. But then it is no longer just being able to get there, but it is about establishing active colonies, with a defined social and cultural order and ad hoc governance through legal bodies that regulate coexistence and international labor, industrial and commercial activities, with a view to development of a sustainable spatial economy of projections, literally infinite”.

“In this scenario, the Moon is presented as the first step to settle outside the Earth and gain experience to continue beyond. The various human, non-robotic, planetary exploration programs consider it an essential station to reach other celestial bodies from there”, adds the academic. In this context -he adds- it is highlighted that “the university is open to the opportunity to become an active part of the training of professionals who will make the future that is envisioned a reality, contributing in this process to the well-being of society and the national community. , beginning with the promotion of space activity and encouraging the involvement of the industry in the associated technological market, whose projections are infinite in the technological, commercial and social spheres”.

special programming

At 12:15 p.m. next Thursday 7, at the USM Vitacura Campus, the program begins with the talk “Human Activities on the Moon” given by Professor Suarez, aimed at students and the general public. On Saturday 16 at the Regional Museum of Rancagua, the interactive exhibition «Chile in the 2022 space race″ will be held, this activity will last between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. and will include the conferences “Space crops”, “Preparation for space exploration ” and “Asteroids and meteorites: keys to understanding the origin of the solar system”, all by experts in the field.

The main activity will be on July 20 and will be divided into two parts. During the morning at the premises of the College of Engineers, the exhibition “The Apollo program” and the panel “The future of the moon and the Artemis agreements” will be held. Meanwhile, starting at 5:00 p.m. and with the presence of authorities and various guests, a master class on astronomy by Dr. Mónica Rubio, an astronomy panel and an in situ astronomical observation will take place on Calán Hill. .

To know in detail each of the activities, you can check the website and the social networks of the House of Studies.

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