China advises foreign diplomats to stop coming to Beijing to prevent pandemic from reemerging

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The Chinese Foreign Ministry is recommending foreign diplomats to stop going to Beijing or Beijing, after the country temporarily banned the entry of most foreigners to prevent the resurgence of a coronavirus epidemic, a statement has said. spokesman on Friday.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying told reporters during a daily briefing that the ministry was aware of confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus among foreign diplomats in China.

However, he did not specify the number; He limited himself to advising that members of the Diplomatic Corps refrain from visiting the capital of the Asian giant.

As is known, China prohibits foreigners from entering the country since midnight on March 27, even if they have valid visas and residence permits, a controversial measure that reinforces the country’s shield to avoid a second wave of Covid-19 before the continuous trickle of “imported” cases.

Added to this announcement were new limits on the flights that Chinese citizens can take to return to their country: local airlines will only be able to operate a single flight abroad to each country per week, while foreign airlines will only be able to maintain an air route to China with one flight per week, the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration (CAAC) decreed last night.

The CAAC also asked airlines to submit requests in advance to establish their routes, and foresees “stricter measures” on inbound and outbound flights in the country, reports Efe.

The country has again resorted to a drastic measure to prevent the rebound, which is still controversial: on February 4, when the coronavirus practically only hit China, the Foreign Ministry insisted that the country could control the outbreak and that there was no need for entry bans for other countries of Chinese citizens. .


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