China and India: The Indian Olympic Committee announces its breakup with Chinese sports brand Li Ning, China urges to avoid politicization-BBC News

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Li Ning has become another Chinese company affected by the cooling down of India-China relations.

The Indian Olympic Committee announced on Tuesday (June 8) that, based on domestic public opinion, it announced the termination of the official partnership with the Chinese sports brand Li Ning. Indian athletes, coaches and staff may wear clothing without brand logos. Attend the Tokyo Olympics in July.

This is the latest development in India’s boycott of Chinese products after the border conflict between India and China broke out last year.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that he did not know the specific situation, but hoped that the relevant Indian parties would treat the normal cooperation between the two countries in an objective and fair view and avoid politicization.

Why broke up with Li Ning?

Li Ning is a well-known sports brand in China. It has become a sponsor of the Indian national team at the 2016 Rio Olympics. It has also provided sports products for India in the 2018 Asian Games and the Youth Olympic Games. It was originally planned for this year’s Olympics and also for India. Of one hundred athletes provide sports products.

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