China begins trial production of Omikron-triggered mRNA vaccine

Reuters reported the company.Cansino BiologicsofChina Posted on the company’s social media accounts late Thursday night (Jan. 5), the vaccine known as CS-2034 Targeting new strains of omikron That caused massive infections after China canceled the policyzero covidStrict in Dec.

To this day, China still uses nine self-developed vaccines, including the inactivated vaccine. But none of them are improved to cope with the species.Omicronthat are easier to contact, including children who are currently in the epidemic

booster vaccineofcasinoIt is one of China’s first promising vaccines.mRNA technology The same as foreign vaccines like Pfizer-Biontech and Moderna.

Cansino also reported in its filings with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that Preliminary data from the intermediate technical trials of the vaccine worked well. mRNA vaccine production The first phase may produce 100 million doses.

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