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China censors ‘Friends’ reunion special by omitting scenes with Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and BTS


28 may 2021 22:33 GMT

In the past, celebrities had trouble with Beijing.

The special episode of the reunion of the American series ‘Friends’ premiered this Thursday in China through the main platforms of the country, but the most detailed fans were surprised to find that some scenes that were so much talked about and that were deleted were missing. the participation of certain guests such as Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and the K-Pop band BTS.

According to the reports, the episode of ‘Friends: The Reunion’ was censored in the Asian giant since the duration of the video has about six minutes less than the original version by HBO Max. The footage aired by Alibaba’s Chinese streaming services iQiyi, Tencent Video, and Youku, which acquired the rights, even differed slightly from each other.

A part in which Justin Bieber appears dressed as a potato is one of the scenes that is not shown in the reduced version. Some scenes involving Lady Gaga and BTS are also not broadcast, and brief appearances by LGBTQ fans have even been omitted from the series.

Because there was no official pronouncement, it was not clear whether the changes respond to orders from Chinese regulators or to a precautionary measure from these companies. While in social networks a debate arose about whether censorship was correct, considering that the appearance of celebrities who have had in the past was omitted problems with Beijing.

For example, Canadian singer Justin Bieber was banned from performing in China in 2017 due to a “series of bad behaviors” after he visited Tokyo’s controversial Yasukuni Shrine, considered a symbol of Japanese military aggression.

Lady Gaga, on the other hand, became a ‘persona non grata’ for the Asian giant after she had a meeting in 2016 with the Tibetan leader Dalai Lama, whom the authorities consider a separatist. While the South Korean musical group BTS last year was in the spotlight for a comment from one of its members.

In any case, China continues to have a large number of young fans of the comedy show, which for many years has contributed to their learning of English and has been a window to learn about American culture, pick up The Guardian.

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