‘China is not allowed to enter within the border; Ready to face the threat’ – Rajnath singh| China | Terrorist Manorama News

Jodhpur (Rajasthan) ∙ Defense Minister Rajnath Singh has said that China has not been allowed to enter India’s borders and issues related to national security should not be politicized. Regardless of opinions and beliefs, India has never allowed anyone to trespass on its territory.

The government gives priority to the safety and welfare of the people of the country. Infiltration attempts are underway in the country. Only two or three people including himself know about this matter. No further information can be disclosed. Rajnath also said that enemies will never be allowed to infiltrate the country.

The country is fully prepared to face the threats. Army units are equipped with modern weapons. India has become one of the top 25 defense equipment exporters in the world. By the end of this decade, the country will be self-sufficient in terms of defense equipment. Rajnath said that those who try to destroy the peace and unity of the country will be given a befitting reply.

English Summary: Didn’t let China intrude into India’s territory: Rajnath Singh

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