China must be hit in the wallet

London presented, Tuesday, January 12, a set of measures aimed at sanctioning British companies profiting from forced labor in Xinjiang. For The Times, this is a good start, but other European countries must absolutely follow to put pressure on the Beijing regime.

“Those in favor of a rapprochement with China have long defended the idea that the attraction of international capital would encourage a certain openness in Beijing. On the contrary, it is the values ​​of Western nations which find themselves compromised by trade with China. ” For The Times, this observation is illustrated by a glaring example: the case of the province of Xinjiang, where the Uighur Muslim minority is persecuted and reduced to forced labor. “This is a humanitarian crisis in which some companies operating in the United Kingdom have found themselves complicit”, regrets the conservative newspaper.

In this context, London hardened its position vis-à-vis Beijing on Tuesday January 12, even if it meant straining relations between the two countries a little more, in the wake of the planned exclusion of Huawei from the British 5G network and the hand extended by the United Kingdom to several million Hong Kongers after the entry into force of the Comprehensive Security Act in



The oldest British daily newspaper (1785) and the best known abroad has been owned since 1981 by Rupert Murdoch. He has long been the benchmark newspaper and the voice of the establishment. Today, it has lost some of its influence and


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