China Suárez received a surprising gesture from a star from La Scaloneta

After the surprise announcement of the separation with Rusherkingthe China Suarez He began to receive gestures from other celebrities on social networks. In the last few hours, a soccer player from the Argentine National Team left him an unexpected like on his Instagram.

Is about Thiago Almadawho came out world champion in Qatar 2022 and works in the club Atlanta United F. C. of the Major League Soccer, that is to say, the league of the United States.

Thiago Almada gave China Suárez a like. (Photo: Instagram/juariu)

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According to what the journalist was able to record Juariuwho shared the screenshots of the digital gesture, the footballer does not follow the former Almost angels despite having put the like.

Thiago Almada gave China Suárez a like, but he does not follow her on Instagram. (Photo: Instagram/juariu)

The “like” of Almada It was in a post that China Suárez published over the weekend in which there were images of her alone, but also with her children Rufina, Magnolia y amancio.

Thiago Almada, Exequiel Palacios and Ángel Correa, on the day of the international friendly between the Argentine National Team and Panama. (Photo: REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)By: REUTERS

Who else left messages to China Suárez after her separation from Rusherking

In the snapshots the actress is playing with the kids, one of the reasons why he received a large number of messages. Among those who also left him these types of gestures was his ex-partner, Nicolas Cabre.

The actor, who is currently in Mexico for work, left a comment with a heart and generated furor among the followers of the model. In addition to collecting more than a thousand likes, the message had many responses. “Play, Nico, play”, “Let’s see, come back”, “I saw it coming”, “I choose to believe”, “You already sent the ‘what’s wrong?'”, were some.

Nicolás Cabré and China Suárez maintain a great relationship after their separation (Photo: Instagram / sangrejaponesa – nicolascabre80)

Although the actor’s comment caused a cascade of reactions among the model’s followers, it is not the first time that both exchange cute messages on their social media. After her separation, the ex-partner decided to maintain the good bond for the sake of her daughter Rufina from her: they even enjoyed several family outings that they showed on her networks.

In the middle of the long weekend, unexpected news exploded: the China Suarez y Rusherking They separated. Both, in different posts, confirmed the breakup which had been rumored for a few weeks.

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The singer clarified that “no one hurt the other” and the actress was the one who was the most sensitive. “Having to release the person with the one you wanted to grow old is sad”, he stated.

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