“China Suarez’s spicy revelation about ex Rusherking and his current status: Latest updates”

2023-05-24 12:40:38

The actress remembered very spicy a significant date with her ex that at the time was very special. And now?

China Suárez dedicated a tremendous “stick” to her ex Rusherking on Instagram.

During an interview, China Suarez He stated that he is over his ex, Rusherkingbecause she is from “quick processes”.

However, the day she would have been a girlfriend for one year with the singer of trap, he dedicated a tremendous stick on Instagram that did not go unnoticed.

The actress from Objects, published an image in which you can read “DES-ANNIVERSARIO, 24|05”, referring to the date on which Rusher confirmed the engagement, with her iconic phrase “I left the world”.

The actress of Objectspublished an image in which you can read “UN-ANNIVERSARY, 24|05”in reference to the date on which Rusher confirmed the courtship, with his iconic phrase “I left the world. Doesn’t loose?


a few days from that China Suarez say in a note with intruders who left behind what he had to leave behind, Rusherking He claimed to be in a good personal moment after the breakup.

“Are you meeting someone or are you alone?” an Instagram user asked the singer.

Far from letting the intimate consultation pass, the singer answered it: “No, I’m alone and happy, focused on my work and my things.”

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