China: the photograph that reflects psychosis

The coronavirus continues to add more and more victims to the bulky list of those affected, while a large part of the world’s population reads carefully the news about the disease. In Spain, the population has spent Saturday watching the evolution of isolated German tourists in La Gomera. In France, they continue to treat the three localized infected, the first in Europe. The coronavirus continues to make its way beyond borders, but none of the affected countries suffers as much as China.

“Some children use an improvised facial protection made of water bottles to protect themselves against the coronavirus at the arrivals hall of Guangzhou Airport, Guangdong Province, China,” reads the description of the photograph that reflects the psychosis experienced in the Asian country “This airport, normally crowded at the end of the Spring Festival when Chinese travelers return to their homes, seemed deserted after many countries and international airlines suspended or limited flights to and from China, due to the outbreak of coronavirus in Wuhan” , keep going.

It is not the only shocking image that the coronavirus has left. Just a few days ago, Pablo M. Diez, the ABC correspondent in the area, shared an unusual image of the Shanghai subway. One of the main stations of the Chinese city, with more than 24 million inhabitants, was completely empty. «Showing rockets, technology, soldiers, prosperity and happiness in abundance, the ads of communist propaganda in the Chinese subways have always struck me. But, in the middle of the coronavirus epidemic, they are surreal, ”he added.

Currently, the number of confirmed cases of contagion exceeds 12,000, with a large part of them in China. The next country with the most affected is Japan, with 20. At the moment, all cases located outside of Asia are reduced to people who had visited the Chinese country, except for an individual in Germany. As reported by the correspondent of this newspaper in the aforementioned country, Rosalía Sánchez, it is believed that he was infected in Bavaria during a training course through a colleague from China. .

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