China’s real estate leader “Evergrande Group” was in debt, and the old director fell from the building in shock? “The Last Meat Sound” refutes rumors

China’s real estate leader “Evergrande Group” is in debt, and the founder fell from the building in shock? “The Last Meat Sound” refutes rumors. (Translated from “Xinhua News Agency”)

China’s “Evergrande Group” used to be the leader in China’s domestic real estate industry, but in recent years, it has suffered financial crisis and debts. Today, it is reported that the founder Xu Jiayin suddenly canceled the meeting originally scheduled for this afternoon (2nd), suspected of being under pressure. He committed suicide by falling from a building in Changsha, Hunan. But now the Chinese media has also released an audio file of Xu Jiayin’s “The Last Meat Voice”, refuting the rumors that Xu Jiayin fell from the building.

Evergrande Group was originally China’s largest real estate developer, but in recent years it has suffered financial difficulties. Not only that, “Reuters” also reported today that the electric vehicle department invested by Evergrande plans to lay off 10% of its employees, and Evergrande New Energy Automobile Group also plans to suspend the payment of wages to 25% of its employees for one to three months .

According to the “Hong Kong 01” report, it was reported that Xu Jiayin was originally scheduled to hold a meeting at 3:30 pm today, and a screenshot of the meeting notice came out, but in the end Xu Jiayin suddenly canceled the meeting, and it was even more shocking that Xu Jiayin had fallen to his death. However, China’s “Quan Zhongshe” reported later that Evergrande insiders denied the news of Xu Jiayin’s fall. According to reports, Xu Jiayin also released a voice message about 50 seconds long to the company’s internal high-level online group at around 1 pm, and asked the company’s high-level executives to strengthen the resumption of work and production.

Although the company “refuted the rumors” through the media, it still attracted the attention of many Chinese netizens. Some netizens believe that if Evergrande Group wants to refute the rumors, the best way is to ask Xu Jiayin to directly broadcast live broadcasts and make videos. In addition, some netizens also questioned that voice messages are easy to be falsified, and it is hard to believe that this is Xu Jiayin’s voice recorded today.

The debt-ridden founder of China’s real estate leader “Evergrande Group” fell from the building in shock? “The Last Meat Sound” refutes rumors

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