Chinese Super League: Stars and coaches flee and clubs disappear due to the crisis left by the coronavirus pandemic | FOOTBALL-INTERNATIONAL

It is no longer the paradise as it was before. The epicenter country of the pandemic that changed the lives of everyone at all levels, he has not been able to recover at the sporting level either. And his Soccer Super League, which several seasons ago was postulated as the great destination to hang up your boots and earn money, now sees even the current champion go bankrupt and disappear.

On Sunday, the company that supported the champion Jiangsu Suning reported the cessation of activity of the soccer team. The accumulated debts of the last years have ended with a team that went from being a modest in the Second Division to being proclaimed champion of China.

But the Jiangsu thing is not an isolated case, it is, in fact, a consequence and another example of what is already happening in China: the exodus of stars and technicians today due to COVID-19.

The coronavirus has accelerated the ‘deflation’ of a league that at the time came to pay 380 million in transfers; and in the current market it barely adds 7.5, in a sign that it is no longer the Eden that was emerging at the time.

What’s more, the most expensive reinforcement of the current course is an ‘unknown’, the Croatian Majstorovic, for whom they came to disburse 3.3 million. Very, very far from the 60 that was paid at the time by the Brazilian Oscar, the 55 by the Hulk or the 50 by Carlos Tevez.

Salary cap

The Federation forced the clubs to pay them the same amount spent on transfers in the transfer market. That is, if they paid 50 million for Tevez, they had to pay the same amount to the federation.

And for this season, they began to limit the astronomical salaries and now the maximum that can be paid is 3 million euros. That caused most of the footballers to leave.

Figures such as Teixeira, Hulk, Pellé, Ighalo, El Shaarawy, Rondón or Goulart have set out in search of new destinations, while technicians such as Rafa Benítez, Vitor Pereira, Bruno Genesio or Van Bronckhorst, have followed the same path. The path that the League seems to follow, which went from being a dream to a nightmare.

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