Choking Tsai Ing-wen and Lin Zhijian!Gao Hong’an’s thesis press conference’s strength exploded.

Gao Hongan, a candidate for the mayor of Hsinchu from the People’s Party, opened a computer to download his doctoral dissertation at the press conference. He read the contents of the dissertation in fluent English and explained the relevant research background. (Photo / Cut from Gao Hongan’s Facebook)
PTT netizens leave a message.  (Picture / Cut from PTT Forum)
PTT netizens leave a message. (Picture / Cut from PTT Forum)

The paper is accused of plagiarism!Gao Hong’an’s thesis press conference was full of strength and criticized “one sentence” and slapped Lin Zhijian in the face

Hsinchu mayoral candidate Gao Hongan of the People’s Party was accused by Weekly of plagiarism of her doctoral dissertation at the University of Cincinnati. She held a press conference today (20th) to explain that both her degree and dissertation have been endorsed by the school, because the polls are too talented He was constantly chased and smeared by the Green Camp. He even opened a computer to download his doctoral dissertation on the spot, read out the content in fluent English, explained the structure of the dissertation and research ideas, and said bitterly, “I hope President Tsai Ing-wen can do the same.” Emphasizes that her education since childhood is completely different from that of the “Nighttime Department of Chung Wah University”. This performance aroused heated discussions, and a large number of netizens applauded and praised Gao Hongan’s “exploding combat power” and “piercing the pain point of the green camp”.

Gao Hongan held a press conference with Zhang Qilu, a former dean of the School of Social Sciences of Sun Yat-sen University, and lawyer Chen Zonghao, who held a press conference to show the statement of the academic unit of the University of Cincinnati, emphasizing that the American school had already endorsed her thesis, and there was no plagiarism or plagiarism. , and also mentioned that the American school sighed that “Taiwan’s politics is very complicated”, and criticized why a matter that has been endorsed and clarified by the school can still be chased and beaten like this, which makes them deeply puzzled.

Not only that, Gao Hongan also emphasized that her paper has been cited up to 4510 times until last night, which can be regarded as a work of academic value, and she is a high school student in Beiyi Women, the top student in Normal University, graduated with a Ph.D. She graduated with honors, which is different from the “Nighttime Department of Chung Wah University” and definitely can stand the test; she turned on the computer on the spot, downloaded the doctoral dissertation for everyone to see, read the content in English, and explained the research structure and the research structure to the on-site media. Background, etc., shouting “I hope President Tsai Ing-wen can do the same.”

Gao Hongan’s performance at the press conference sparked heated discussions. Netizens poured into “Zhongshi News Network”, “yahoo! News” and PTT forums to leave messages: “Gao Hongan’s combat power is on the table”, “The press conference on the strongest counter-attack paper in history”, “Gao Hongan’s press conference is very choking and supernatural, Teaching book-level model”, “Really super choking, once choked Tsai Ing-wen and Lin Zhijian”, “Xiao Zhi was stinked again”, “Watching the live broadcast is super cool”, “Punctured the pain point of the green camp”, “Comparison of Lin Zhijian” Inspirational, die of laughter”, “The fact that Guangneng is admitted to the first girl in the north is basically the level of a scholar, and the opponent is too far behind.”

Gao Hongan refuted the plagiarism of Ke Wenzhe and praised the “first-level general”: lure the enemy into the deep and destroy it in one fell swoop!

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