Choosing the young woman Yves Gilles as Miss France 2024

2023-12-17 12:09:02

The 20-year-old young woman, Yves Gilles, was chosen on Saturday evening as Miss France 2024, which was held in the city of Dijon, the capital of the Bourgogne region.

Published on: 12/17/2023 – 13:09

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Young woman Eve Gill, 20, was chosen on Saturday Miss France 2024, which hails from the city of Dunkirk in the north of the country, appeared with a short hairstyle that was completely different from the other competing looks participating in the competition that was organized in the city of Dijon, the capital of the Bourgogne region.

The competition is a symbol of “success” for the company organizing it, Miss France. “It’s a social ladder,” its president Alexia tells Roche Joubert, noting that former beauty queens have later become “businesswomen, doctors and even directors.”

She pointed out to Roche Joubert that the criteria adopted for selecting participants in the competition have “modernized,” and that candidates are not required to exceed a certain age. They have also become open to transgender people, married women, mothers… and even women with tattoos can enter the competition.

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