Christmas Gift Picks: Up to 34% Off Garmin Sports Watches

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A sports watch that can track body data can make people fully aware of their own health. It is suitable for people who like to play at home or go out for exercise. It is also a good choice as a Christmas gift. Three Garmin sports watches are now on sale on Amazon at a special price, and the order can still arrive before Christmas, so you can pack it up and give it to your friends or loved ones.

Garmin Instinct

Garmin Instinct It is a watch positioned for people who like to do outdoor activities. It looks very heavy, but because it is mainly made of fiber-reinforced plastic, it actually weighs only 51g, and it will not cause discomfort due to long-term wearing. It is Mil-STD-810G certified and meets standards for drop shock, operating altitude, extreme temperature, and corrosion resistance tests.

As a watch designed for outdoor activities, Instinct not only has GPS, but also supports GLONASS and Galileo satellite positioning. Turning them on at the same time will make the positioning function extremely accurate, especially when climbing and exploring without fear of getting lost.

Now Garmin Instinct is reduced from the original price of US$250 to US$160 on Amazon, which can save US$90.

Click here to buy Garmin Instinct — US$160

Garmin Instinct eSports


The e-sports version of Garmin Instinct eSports not only has the original various sports functions, basic GPS positioning system, heart rate, stress index, and body energy numbers, but also adds an e-sports mode specially designed for players to track the user’s performance during the game. Physical data, plus specific play time, etc. to analyze the physical condition.

Instinct eSports is also equipped with an advanced sleep monitoring function, which can analyze your light sleep, deep sleep periods and REM rapid eye movement period, so that you can understand and start to improve sleep quality, and you will be more energetic and naturally improve your performance in all aspects.

Now Garmin Instinct Esports on Amazon is reduced from the original price of US$230 to US$130, a big discount of US$100.

Click here to buy Garmin Instinct Esports — US$130

Garmin Forerunner 735XT


Forerunner 735XT has a heart rate monitoring function, and it also adds advanced running dynamics and riding dynamics information to the triathlon, including stride length, ground contact time balance, movement parameters, power distribution, pedaling force offset and many other data, Allows you to adapt to data improvements.

In addition, it can also help evaluate the progress of training and recovery, let you know whether the training will be insufficient or excessive, and provide suggestions for physical recovery so that athletes can always train in the best condition.

Forerunner 735XT on Amazon is reduced from the original price of US$350 to US$126, as low as 36% off.

Click here to buy Garmin Forerunner 735XT — US$126

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