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Recognized animator on television, it is not the same in the cinema or for TV series. Actor in the series Captain Marleau ‘, he had his suspenders pulled up by the actress Corinne Masiero.

Acting is a profession and for Christophe Dechavanne, there is obviously still a little learning. Actor in the series France 2, ‘˜Captain Marleau’, viewers will be able to judge his performance on April 8 in prime time. The host interprets the role of William Perrin, a chief sergeant.

Interviewé in the columns of »˜TV Star’, Christophe Dechavanne admits to having got on well with the actress with a strong character. However, he also had his suspenders pulled up several times.

With his host costume, Christophe Dechavanne is afraid of not being credible in the eyes of the public: “I’ve wanted to act for twenty years, but with my head as an animator, I’m considered a parasite who comes knocking at the door, which I understand very well! As I lack confidence, Corinne (Masiero) yelled at me two or three times asking me to stop saying that I was not an actor! : “You are an actor!”she launched a little annoyed by the doubts of Dechavanne.

Honestly, Christophe Dechavanne admits having had a terrible scare: “I sometimes lay down on the ground to meditate. I was scared“. Yelled at, Dechavanne has absolutely no grudge against Corinne Masiero: “I met a wonderful woman! She and I are a bit of animals, it goes very fast. In less than a minute we realized that it was going to stick. It was better than that since we messed around a lot outside of takes and we talked about our lives“, acknowledged the facilitator.

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