Chronicle 5 things to know: Samsung S22: the new benchmark for high-end smartphones?

With its Unpacked conference, Samsung has lifted the veil on its latest edition of high-end smartphones and tablets: the S22 and the Galaxy Tab S8. New technologies, ergonomics, price… We were able to test these products in preview and we tell you what to remember from this new series.

The S22 is coming soon and comes in three versions: classic; S22+ and S22 Ultra. Apart from the size and the battery the first two versions are identical, the third being a boosted version similar to the Pro models at Apple and its Iphones. With an OLED panel and a brand new microprocessor under RDNA2 architecture, Samsung’s latest Smartphone could well be a major asset in terms of portable gaming. On the other side, the South Korean manufacturer is also launching its new range of tablets with the Galaxy Tab S8 which intends to walk on the flowerbeds of the iPad Pro. If you want to know everything about these future products, we invite you to watch the video above.

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