Chrono Trigger receives 21:9 resolution on Steam and other improvements

Four years after its controversial launch on the platform SteamSquare Enix releases a new update for Chrono Trigger, preferably for ultrawide monitors. In February 2018, the dreamy RPG was harshly received on PC. This is due to the fact that they relaunched the same mobile version without penalty, even with touch menus included.

Among the updated features of Chrono Trigger for Steam we find the following:

・Full screen for ultra wide monitors
– Resolution up to 21:9 on dedicated screens.
– Screen mode added.

・Improved controls
– Improved directional pad controls.
– Improved directional (touch) pad design for easier viewing.
– Display of an exclamation point when talking to NPC.
– Increased size of objective markers at dungeon entrances.
– Improved event areas for easier viewing (touch).
– Minor additional control tweaks.

・Improved battles
– Speed ​​for auto battles increased to x1.5.
– Possibility to continue with autobattle selected for the next fight.
– Battle speed adjustment available in the menu.

·Additional functions
– Increased save game slots to 20.

·Little ones bugs corrected.

Chrono Trigger turns 27 and is usually listed as the most important RPG in history, due to the union of forces that made it possible. Akira Toriyama (art), Yuji Horii (story), Hironobu Sakaguchi (design), Yoshinori Kitase (direction) and Nobuo Uematsu (music) were the creators of it. In other words, Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball.

Square Enix prepares in turn the relaunch of the sequel, with the compilation Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition next April 7, for consoles and PC (Steam).

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