Chunichi Dragons Roster Changes and Offseason News

2023-11-09 22:40:00

Four players, Keisuke Tanimoto, Shota Ohno, Nagamasa Fukuda, and Naomichi Doue, retire from active play.

The draft meeting and second notification period have ended, but the focus is on Chunichi, who finished in last place for the second consecutive year, and what kind of reinforcements they will make from now on. Seven players under their control have been notified of their inactive status, four have retired from active duty, and two foreign players have also announced their departure. The control slot is 60, with 10 remaining, but there has been no major movement so far.

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The seven players under control are pitcher Yuichiro Okano, outfielder Kosuke Ito, infielder Hayato Mizowaki, pitcher Toshiya Okada, pitcher Ren Kondo, outfielder Yuma Fukumoto, and infielder Mao Hoshino. It has been announced that Okada, Kondo, Fukumoto, and Hoshino will be re-signed as training players. In addition, pitcher Yotetsu Matsuda, who is being trained, is also out of the lineup. Okano was able to get strikeouts even in the first team, but he left the team after three years.

Additionally, four players retired all at once: pitcher Keisuke Tanimoto, catcher Shota Ohno, infielder Nagamasa Fukuda, and infielder Naotomo Dojo. Outfielders Soiro Almonte and Aristides Aquino were also released. Aquino was expected to be a cannon, but he only hit one home run. Despite having 60 points under their control, there have been no other moves other than the acquisition of two players from Cuba for training.

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